Superb For The Environment Too…

You know, it’s strange. Initially I wasn’t too fussed about it but now the Superb is fast becoming one of my favourite new cars. While – as someone who grew up in the time of the box-like lumps they used to call Skodas – is kind of strange, isn’t that surprising given the current economical conditions.  

Skoda's Superb Greenline

Skoda's Superb Greenline

And now the new Skoda Superb has become even more appealing for times of economic and environmental turmoil. The GreenLine edition sees Skoda roll their fuel-saving and planet-saving approach out into their new exec-slayer. It’s got a 1.9 litre turbodiesel that still kicks out the power but kicks out less into the air – emissions have dropped to just 139g/km. If that’s baffling you as much as those stats do me, this one won’t – it’ll now offer up 55.4 mpg! Which means you’ll spend less time at the pumps and less money on road tax too thanks to the emissions cut. 

Skoda have basically tweaked the engine, added some low resistance tyres, thery’ve done something to the gears and improved the aerodynamics. Oh, and they’ve dropped it a bit lower too which means it looks a little skleeker as well as, presumably, helping it acheive those stats. Though I’m still not likely to give up my Alfa keys, it does look pretty swish.

While this is great, and all kudos to Skoda for planning to roll this across their entire vehicle range this year,  I have to wonder – why isn’t this done anyway? If it’s possible to do this, then why not do it in the first place rather than create it as a unique model?

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