Also The Most Perilous International Move?

Regular readers (and I’m proud and honoured to have them) will know that the whole international removals subject is one that I often delve into, occasionally consider and (worryingly) discuss with colleagues.

moving to south africa

Having posted here about the strict requirements involved in moving to South Africa, my attention was drawn – via i-chat – to an article about the the perils involved. The article pointed out something that (as someone who doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the game) that the 2010 World Cup is going to be heldp there which shows that South Africa is moving forward.

Thing is, that at the same time, there’s been a massive rise in gun crime and countless tv shows showing just how far the troubles in places like Johannesburg has gone. All I can remember is the scene in Leathal Weapon 3 (diplomatic immunity!) where Joe Pesci and Danny Glover head to the South African embassy expressing a desire in moving to South Africa only to get convinced its a bad idea. 

And yet.. there’s also the IPL. That the second season of the Indian Premier League is now to be held in South Africa suggests that it’s a safe place. Especially as the only controversy around it so far is that it’s been moved out of India rather than the fact that it’s headed to a place many media outlets still treat like a civil war zone. 

And yet… in my former workplace a colleague reported that every time he’d visited his partner’s family over there with her he’d been mugged or attacked. Surely it can’t be as bad as reports state or it wouldn’t remain such a popular choice for sporting events and expats, would it??

I’m still extremely baffled by what the real state of things there is. There’s so many conflicting reports, I’d love to know if it’s a safe place to move to, and, what it really is like over there, anyone?

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