New Fords: Going Up

While the turmoil of the economy throws prices up and down like so many juggling balls by a clown on a trampoline, it’s unfortunate that because of the shits in exchange rates, the UK prices for new Fords are set to rise. It’s due to the fact that most of Ford’s costs are incurred in Euros and our good old Sterling is just too weak at the moment  – trust me I feel it every time I visit Paris.

New KA: still cheaper

From 1st April (I wish it was an April Fools) the blue oval is expected to cost an average of 3.75% more than it did before. Some prices will be rising by up to £1000. It’s easy to point fingers and damn the execs for this but it really is a fight for survival in the auto market and it’s not too huge a rise. 

Let’s look at this from a devils advocate pioint of view for a moment. Take the new Ford KA, it’s now going to cost £7,995 when in 1999 it was £8,020 – the equivelant of £9,424 today. Cars are still cheaper overall than they’ve been in the past, just not so overwhelmingly cheaper. 

It would be nice to think that Ford are alone in this but I sincerely doubt it’ll be long before other marques soon rise slightly. Let’s hope that once this current shambles we call an economy settles down and the exchange rates return to normal, there’ll be a drop in prices accordingly. 

Let’s face it, if we know that the raise is due to the Pound to Euro ratio, there’s going to be a lot of questions when the quids are in again and Ford keep prices up. If…..

  1. Bill Ford (really!)

    Love the look of the Ford Ka. Too bad that it isn’t available here in Canada. Maybe soon? Looks like a Fiat 500 on steroids!

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