Run For The Hills It’s The Mechanical Box

Well, not quite but it’s really not very far off. This year will see what could most generously be called the curve-challenged, new Nissan Cube. At least they gave it an appropriate name. 

nissan cube

Now, don’t get me wrong: the new Nissan certainly has some funky little elements to it – the rear tailgate opening, the oddly nautical like front doors, that weird wrap-around window at the back and when it’s in white it certainly looks like something that’d compliment your iPod… but, really, how many people are going to notice that given that the thing looks like something that was designed purely with a set square?

Cube is really the word. Strangely enough, Nissan are aiming this one at the college-age motorist and, Stateside, have headed off to colleges to find some students to come up with some perfectly youth-aimed ad campaigns for it. So… Nissan have done away with their own ad agency as well as their designers that have been introduced to the concept of shapes?  

What do you think, could you get over the lack of shape to drive a new Cube?


  1. It’s interesting that Nissan thinks the only people it can sell this car to are kids. I’m a 60-year-old farmer. I don’t have an iPod and I outgrew shag rugs in the 1960s, but this car may be just what I’ve been looking for.

    What attracts me is a reasonable price, an impressive list of safety features, the eAWD technology and very good fuel economy. In fact, if it does ship with the eAWD feature it will doubtless be the most fuel-efficient AWD vehicle one can buy in the United States. (If it doesn’t ship with AWD I won’t be interested, as we need one AWD vehicle on our farm and the Cube would replace an aging Subaru. My local dealer tells me he understand it WILL ship with eAWD, but none of the reviews I’ve read even mention this feature, so I’m doubtful until I actually see one.)
    The car also looks to be easy to get in and out of (something we old duffers appreciate), and the cargo space looks like it will serve us well as we bring small orders of fruits and vegetables to market.

    If it ever actually gets here, and proves to be as well engineered as Nissan claims, I’ll seriously consider it. And Nissan reportedly has an all electric version of this car as well. That would be even better.

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