Do New Cars Cheese Off Recent-Buyers?

Last week, after bemoaning the questionable appropriateness of it its over-enthusiastic advert, I got to see the new Renault Megane in the flesh for the first time. I felt stupid. My rant about how it didn’t qualify for such adoration was, I now admit, wrong. 

The adverts don’t do it justice. The new Megane is one of those cars that has to be seen to be really appreciated. Though I do wonder… do those driving the last of the old-shape Meganes feel a bit miffed? 

For example, last year I bought myself a very nice new guitar. Having tried numerous guitars throughout the day I was really pleased with the one I bought. Then, just after a month later, I read that the manufacturer had signed a deal with some amazing guitar craftsman and they were adding a new pick-up system to the model that I’d only recently purchased. Now I can’t help but wonder if my guitar would sound a lot better with the new pick-ups. If  I’d bought it just six weeks later instead I would’ve had the ‘new’ model.

Same with CDs in a way. I’ll buy an album and a few months later there’s a special-edition out with a  couple of extra tracks. Obviously those tracks aren’t gonna be great or they’d be there on the original but they may be something that I’d really like on a personal level and could’ve had if I’d been told ahead of time or waited a few more months.

Does the same apply to car-buyers? Like with the new Megane, it’s only been out a few months so there’s not many but there’s still a lot of end-of-2008 models on the road. Are there people driving around in 58 plate Renault Meganes with the unattractive SUV-like backside wondering “if only I’d visited that Renault dealer in March I’d be in a better looking and handling Megane” ?

I’d love to know if anyone reading this has done just that: bought a car only to be a bit cheesed off when a newer, better looking model is launched the next year?


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