A Public Service Announcement

Ok, I’ve ranted numerous times about certain driving practices that annoy me, this is one that used to annoy me and I know must still annoy others and so I’m taking it upon myself to offer a brief education to try and stop an annoying practice.  citroen xantia

Not long ago I used to own a Citroen Xantia. A wonderful, wonderful car and one of my favourites until I got my Alfa. Now, one of the thins that makes the Xantia great is the ride comfort and suspension – it’s like driving in a nice, pampered arm chair. This is thanks to the hydropneumatic suspension.

It used to be a standard thing on all Citroen cars – from the CX to the BX and the old beauty of a battleship – the XM. Though I think the Xantia was the last to feature it. What this meant, and I know many people know this, was that when stationary the suspension would lower the back of the car. This means that when you turn the car on it takes a few seconds for the suspension to bring the car up to the right height for driving. In the Xantia this can be something like 30 seconds and, on top of that, a lot of them came with a keypad immobiliser. 

So, when a Xantia driver has gone to pay for petrol at the petrol station, got back to their car they first have to key in the code to the immobiliser, start the engine and wait for it to level up. This may take a minute. That’s all. Just a minute. They’re not sitting their looking at you in their mirror, they’re looking at a fixed point to judge the level of the car before moving off. There is NO POINT in honking your horns, it’s not like it’s fun sitting there waiting to be able to move especially when someone behind you is so desperate for petrol they feel the need to hold their hand on the horn.

I know how annoying this is, first hand. Thats why I got annoyed when I saw / heard the same thing being done to another Xantia. Perhaps this is why Citroen fazed it out, Idon’t know. All I know is that this message needs to be heeded by those horn-happy people sat behind:

Have some patience. It’ll take just a minute, there’s no way around it and the petrol will still be there in 30 seconds. 

Heh, you those Xantia’s w0uld make lousy getaway or superhero cars. You couldn’t see Batman jumping in the Batmobile then waiting for it to raise up at the back before blasting out of the cave.

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