What’s A Sports Luxury Coupe?

To me, marketing a car as a sports luxury coupe smacks of trying to hit at too many things – isn’t a coupe something sport like by definition? And, for the price they want, you’d expect the luxury to be pretty standard too. However, I’ll forgive them on this instance. The “them” being Lotus.

Why? Well, the “sport luxury coupe” thing is a phrase I heard used to describe this:

lotus evora


Ain’t it a stunner? It’s the new Lotus Evora. I have noooo idea where that name comes from but it’s better than the name they gave it during development – the Eagle. I love it, I think it’s a massive improvement over everything they’ve done recently (I’d gone off them since the end of the Esprit) and, to my mind, points out that we Brits still really know our stuff when it comes to fine-looking sports cars.

What do you think, have Lotus created the best looking British sportscar with this Evora?


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