Like An Aggressive, Hyped-Up Go-Kart?

You know, it’s funny. Having spent so long paying zero attention to the brand – for reasons discussed before – I can’t seem to escape Lotus lately. 

Yesterday I fell in love with the looks of the Evora and today, I glanced out of the kitchen window while the kettle boiled in the company kitchen to see an unfamiliar white sports car. Ilotus exige‘m assuming it belongs to one of the visitors currently in a meeting in our boardroom but it looks staggering. 

I’d only seen it once or twice on pictures but images don’t really give you a decent idea of the real thing (like the Megane) and I was surprised by the size of it. In a similar way to when the boss bought his Ferrari in and I realised that it’s not as big as it’s power suggest, the Exige is really quite a small motor. So small that it’s dwarfed out there by the VW Golf and the Seat that are parked next to it. 

But… The stats for it beggar belief in comparison to the size. The car is tiny yet it’ll propel you to 62 mph in under 4 seconds and keep you going til you reach 100 in 5 more seconds and then on to 160mph, assuming there’s no blue lights in sight. Or traffic. 

It seems insane though for a car that small. Granted it’s not made out of paper mache and looks pretty solid, but at such a small size, doing that must feel like you’re in an aggressive, hyped-up go-kart?? Has anyone driven one of these little rockets?

Where do I sign up for a spin?

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