Will Ford Take The Focus To America?

There’s lots of talk (plenty on this very blog) about whether they’ll be taking the smaller cars that are a success over here in Europe to the States. new ford focus

Well, now Ford are considering taking a monster version of the Focus to the US markets too, if American markets feedback that they would really really like it, please. The power-house version of the Focus, the RS, is sold over here and powerd by a supercharged 2.5 litre Volvo engine with a whopping 305hp.

Director of Advanced Product Creation and Global Performance has said that the decision to sell the Focus on the US is governed by the response from American car entusiasts. The guys at the Blue Oval want to know “how much do they like it? Is it reallywhat they want?” and are “pretty confident that it is.”

I’m not surprised by the fact that they think it’d be wanted, the Volvo-powered Focus has proved hugely popular in Europe since the beefed-up version was launched and more and more Americans asy they want a smaller car. 

Could the higher power of the RS version be enough to make the small car be a full-time member of the Ford U.S line up? Though maybe a change of colour would help….

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