Gorgeous – In Conceptual Form, That Is

Ah, I love a good concept. Not only do they represent how cars would look if they were named while drunk and designed without boundries. renault samsung emx

Take this eMX, displayed proudly at the Seoul Motor Show in South Korea by Renault Samsung. Now it looks like something from a Pixar film set in the future with full apple endorsement. It’s curved in all the right ways, glowing lights and a sensation of lightness and you get the impression it’d glide across the road rather than drive.

That’d be because it’s designed to accept a pure electric drive train and loads of fuel-efficiency loving technical stuff while running on a turbocharged 2.0 litre engine. Which it really doesn’t look like it’d be holding under that smooth and genitle hood though as it’s based on the platform from a Renault Megane a big engine would fit nicely. 

This is one I really really hope sees production and that somehow Renault uses its stake in the cpmay to get it over here. I reckon it’d be a damn sight better on the roads than a lot of cars. Oh, for those who were curious Renault Samsung Motors is a South Korean motor company owned in the major part by Renault and the other by Samsung Card – the biggest credit card company down there. 

Let’s hope that if it sees production, that there’s not too many restrictions on its design.


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