Technology Worth The Investment?

There’s many sobering signs that make you realise you’re getting on a bit, not necessarily maturing but getting to that point where new technology makes you say “how much” instead of “ooooh.”

Take PC Gaming. I’m sure it wasn’t so long ago that PCs were still a new thing in the household, and games pretty much consisted of minimal graphics. I remember being hooked on Civnet for ages even though the graphics consisted of nothing more than coloured blocks on a crude map and the occasional flash image after a city was founded etc.

Of course technology has progressed at astronomical since the pcs of the mid nineties and games on the format have kept up pace, there are many who will say that some games are better on the pc than on various consoles – and they may be right – and are dedicated pc gamers.

I guess then that’s why I was shocked when pursuing this line of thought online and found the QPAD QH-1339 and felt so very out of touch. While it’s tech sheet reads full of promise and reads just like you’d expect any gaming headset to – microphone, great sound range and levels etc – what made me take a step back from the screen as it were, was the price.

Yes they’re clearly advanced bits of kit and it is , as the tech spec reads, a “professional headset for gaming” but I’m not sure I’d pay more than the price of an XBox console for a pair of headphones. Is this me being too tight with my cash, out of touch or simply not enough of a serious pc gamer to appreciate the advantages of such high-end gear?

I don’t know many pc gamers, none that are serious enough to use anything more than their iPod headphones for it, so I’d love to know from those that are if this type of technology is worth the investment? If only to stiffle my curiousity.


  1. Tat’s a ridiculous price for a headset. You can get a pro gaming Sennheiser headset for less than half the price, and having even better specs.

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