Citroen Bulk Up With A Silly Name

My easter weekend in Paris revealed many things to me. On a car spotting point I seem to have become aware for the first time that for Citroen, the Picasso is no longer a model in it’s own right. Whereas I’m sure it used to be an MPV thing, the Picasso is now a variation of the other models. 

It’s also the first time I saw a bulky looking new car I liked. This one:

c3 picasso

The C3 Picasso, which to me looks nothing like the normal C3 – a rather pedestrian looking car in comparison that’s all curves when the (presumably) MPV market-targeted is all angles and power stance. Somwhat at odds with the tranquil Paris street it was parked in. It’s not as big as it looks on paper but it does stand out from all the other baby MPVs that are leaking out of auto makers.

I seem to be the only one asleep to it though as it’s already picked up Top Gear’s Best Family Car of the Year award – though I see Top Gear as more of an entertainment show than a motoring one now. A bit more research revealed that it was only launched on the 9th of April so I must have seen one of the first ones – but I wouldn’t be surprised if it was out in France earlier given that Citroen are French.

The best thing about this car to me, though, isn’t it’s looks. It’s the name. Citroen have called the C3 Picasso the Spacebox! I don’t know why but it makes me laugh.

Still, combine it with their cash for scrap scheme and Citroen have created an attractive prospect in a grim year for the auto industry.

Is this sufficiently good-looking to make MPVs a cool choice and loose the dodgy image??


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