Bowing To Demands For Greater Success?

I always worry when I hear about things being designed by comitee or with too much influence from non-designers. I tend to remember the Simpsons episode where Homer’s long-lost brother lets him design a car and the result bankrupts the company. lotus evora

However, in one case, heeding to minds outside of the box seems to have worked. I’m talking about my current fascination: the Lotus Evora. It seems that Lotus’ staff themselves convinced the company to focus on the production of the Evora – a relatively affordable roadster – instead of spending more time and money developing a more pricey supercar.

They were planning on a mid-engined supercar, but their new chief – following chats to dealers – told the designers to scrap it and go for somrthing else. The Evora. Something that should help out the dealers, and, in turn, the company themselves. After all, if anyone knows the market it’s the dealers. Right?

If you ask me, they were spot on to do so. This is the first all-new Lotus since they dropped the Elise back in 1995 (think about it, that’s 14 years without an actual new car, you couldn’t see Ford doing that) and is likely to prove a good seller the British auto-maker. About time we had a credible car flying the English flag. With the economy and industry in the state it is, a fresh product as attractive as this could do wonders for Lotus.

Thankfully they also headed to common sense on the name too. Other names that were gestating when this was in development included the Eagle (good luck trademarking that) the Ethos and the Exira. Bit of a thing for the letter “E” in their car names. 

I really love the look of this car and it makes me think very fondly of the Espirit. I hope it proves as successful for them as that car did as I’m fed up of reading about car makers going belly-up and Lotus have a lot to offer in my mind.


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