Car Design of the Year? Really?!

So I’ve been reading the results from this years World Car of the Year awards (the VW Golf in case you didn’t know) and I’m a bit bemused by the winner for the Word Car Design of the Year: the new Fiat 500.

Really?new fiat 500

Yes it’s cute but… the other finalists are a baffler too. The Citroen C5 sedan and tourer and the Jaguar XF? Really? Nothing else out there left the panel lusting?

There was plenty of talk about how the 500 “pushes emotional hot buttons” and how it meshes the appeal of the old model with new technology… but that’s like awarding an Oscar to re-touched versions of the original Star Wars films!  Then there’s the idea that it’s “straightforward, without gimmicks.” 

What?! Aren’t we awarding for actual flair in design anymore? Something that makes your mouth drop open! The auto world is full of them. I appreciate that the idea is for the winner of the WCOTY award to be something that’s attainable for most otorists – that’s why the Golf wasn’t a surprise – but in design terms it shouldn’t have to apply too.  

Don’t get me wrong – I like the new 500, I really do. It’s cute, funky looking and with all it’s eco credentials and start-stop fuel saving technology, it’s a real cracker of a car. But surely I’m not the only one thinking that a design award should go to something that leaves you drooling? 

I can’t imagine there’s many people with posters on their walls of the little Fiat..

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