Another Victim of the Slow Down?

I’m not always the first to hear certain aspects of the news (despite addictive checkings on mixx and digg etc). While I’m relatively up to speed with new cars and big industry news, I was shocked to read today – in a small column in a trade mag – that the British Motor Show has bitten the dust.2010 british motor show

No gazing at gorgeous concepts or dribbling into the carpets of luxury marques without heading to foreign shores, the 2010 British Motor Show has been canned.  

My shock isn’t just that it garenered such a small amount of print inches (surely a walloping great obit would be appropriate?) but that it’s been cancelled at all. To me this is like a personal loss, I was first introduced to the British Motor Show for my 13th birthday and went every other year – when it was held at Earls Court instead of Birmingham – with my Dad until they stopped running it there.  It was where I was first floored by the styling of cars like the Alfa Romeo (that would spark a long wait til I was old enough to drive, let alone buy one), sit in the deep shag-pile like luxury of an Aston Martin or, at the next one, realise how monsterously huge the Ferrari F50 was in reality. 

In short, the British Motor Show is the fountain from which my love of cars sprung. And now it’s been given the chop.

It was moved from the NEC to London’s ExCeL in an attempt to lure industry chiefs with the proximity of airports but last year neither Audi, BMW or Volkswagen made it. Seems they don’t want hungry motorists to gawp at the latest R8 or VW Scirocco. I was simply relishing a change to get up close and personal with an Alfa 8C Competizione given the lack of actual funds for it and its non-presence at my local dealer for use while mine’s in for a service (I can dream, ok?!).

Take it as a sign of an ailing industry, poor car sales in the UK, that we’re no longer a key market, poor planning or even a personal insult, regardless: I hope I’m not alone in hoping it can be reinstated for 2012 along with the rest of the motor industry.


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