Re-inventing the classics?

The whole reinvention of things is something I view with a cynical eye. Sometimes it works and sometimes it’s just an appalling insult to the original. There’s a couple of reinventions I’ve heard about this weekend and one of them I’m really excited about – and it’s not the Robocop one. citroen ds

I think it’s safe to say that the phrase “new Citroen” has never exactly been one to stir up much excitement. Even with the great robot adverts. But, when I found out that they’re bringing back the DS line… I must admit I got exited. The Citroen DS is one of those cars that to me, and many more I’m sure, epitomises stylish motoring. When it came out in the fifties it looked futuristic and like nothing else. It remained that way until it bowed out in the 70’s.

Now, though Citroen are aware of their position in the styling race and, according to their design director are “taking action today so customers want to come to Citroen for what the brand represents and not just out of interest in a given model.” So they’re bringing back the DS, as a whole luxurious line too.

While it’s not as close – or anywhere near similar – reinvention like the Fiat 500 is, and really it’s only the model name that’s the same, I really hope they do well with it and don’t end up like VW did with the Beetle… ew. That and I really love the grill on the concept of the new DS.

What do you reckon? Great idea to bring it back or leave the hallowed name of the original alone?

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