Comeback Time For The RX-7?

It’s strange, but sometimes when a car gets replaced by a new model the predecessor almost vanishes from the minds of the motoring masses even if it was hugely successful. Yeah, the RX-8 has proved to be a great car and extremely popular but what of Mazda’s original rotary engine sports car that was produced for 25 years?

I ask this because I was down at a friend’s place in Sussex and not one, but two Mazda RX-7s sit on his drive, one old angular and one curvy motor that is his daily drive. They were great cars but you never saw many of them new or old on the roads. As good looking as they were, neither model looked as good as this:

Mazda Concept

Well, if rumours are true, there could be a comeback. A little rumaging online revealed that Mazda could be turning the Kabura concept into a production model bearing the RX-7 name and with a hybrid engine itting under the hood. First Japan, then onto the rest of the world for the new Mazda- Sussex included I assume for my friend’s benefit – and may even replace the RX-8. 

Then again, there’s even more debate over whether it’ll be a hybrid or a hydorgen-fuelled car that hots the road. Personally, I’d be happier if the RX-7 came back with a hydrogen-fuelled lump thus continuing to offer a change to the norm in pwer source that it did originally. What do you think: hybrid or hydrogen-fuelled?

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