Ford Give Small Focus To The US

There’s a lot of activity this week to suggest that Ford have finally been paying attention to what car buyers want – remember my post about asking for the Focus? – and are actually preparing to show the balls to offer ‘small’ cars in the focus us

I say ‘small’ because over here in the UK we consider it a mid-range (with two models below it) car but, from Sussex in Kent to Sussex, New Jersey the Ford Focus changes in catergorisation and becomes a small car. Regardless, this is good news.

A Focus RS in nice ‘Frozen White’ has been seen nestled up against the pavement in Detriot this week as a member of Ford seems to be using it as their daily runner. We’ve had it since last March and in a lurid green at that, but if it’s being used by Ford then chances are it’s gonna be available to the public.

Then there’s the news that the folks at the Blue Oval are dropping $550 million to convert a truck factory to build the Focus there in 2010 with electric versions in 2011.

Have enough people said ‘YES, YES, YES’ to the Focus RS or have enough celebrities given lip service to the hybrid idea for Ford to finally take the Focus to the road in the States? It’s certainy looking that way, is America now ready?


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