The Best Job In The World?

How many jobs carry a required task list of “swim, explore and relax on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef” and offer a salary of £73,400 for a six-month contract?

Is this your office?

Is this your office?

The answer, surprisingly is now none but only last week it was one. adn that job has now been filled. As part of a £800,000 tourism campaign to publicise the charms of north-eastern Queensland (really? I thought everyone was aware of how gorgeous it was, surely “look at Google images” would be sufficient) the job was advertised and attracted over 35,000 applicants.

So how exaclty is this going to be work for the lucky winner – British charity worker Ben Southall. Well, from July 1st he begins what is easily the best Social Marketing job in existence – as if the Great Barrier Reef needs optimising for that. All that swimming, exploring, living in a luxury villa looking over the Coral Sea and enjoying those white sandy beaches will be relayed to the world in a blog.

Scuba diving, sun bathing, exploring and living the life of luxury. In a blog. For six months. £73,400.

As much as I wish congratulations and good luck, I think I (and everyone else for that matter) would be lying if they said they weren’t extremely jealous.

  1. Check out the next installment:

    May 2009 :: Hot on the heels of the Australian “Best Job In The World” PR stunt in which one lucky winner was offered a dream job blogging about the Great Barrier Reef, a Sonoma County winery has adopted the same format (obviously hoping for similar worldwide press attention) and are offering a $10,000 per month salary for someone to blog about Californian wines.

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