Fiat Planning Word Domination?

I get the impression now that board meetings at Fiat are starting to resemble a Pinky and the Brain cartoon with CEO Sergio Marchionne uttering the famous words “try to take over the world!”fiat

In motoring terms, Monday could see them get a whole lot closer as Machionne is set to meet German economic and foreign ministers in Berlin to go over Fiat’s offer for Opel/Vauxhall. It’s been less than a week since the Italian car company – who’s marques include Alfa Romeo and Ferrari (!) – confirmed it’s in talks to buy most of GM’s European operations in a deal that may yet include Saab too.

Given that they look to take huge chunk of Chrylser, and to do so without fronting any cash, thus putting them in  a perfect position to take their products State side, and if the deal to acquire Opel is given the go ahead then they’d create a company with a turnover of an estimated $105 billion in annual revenue and a whole lot of cars. 

When Chrysler emerges from the current dust it’s under,Sergio Marchionne has already announced that he’ll be the new CEO there too. Not only that, but it’s predicted they’ll be out of bankruptcy in less than 60 days. 

Here I have to wonder if it means there’ll be any significant changes. Whilst locally its certain to mean that we’ll see a lot more Chyrslers on the roads in Kent as they move from Fiat dealers, will the Opel takeover mean amalglamating Vauxhall and Fiat dealers into one giant forecourt or losing dealerships somewhere to cut costs?

Either way, I still find it amusing given that it’s only been 4 years since GM paid $2 billion to get out of a partnership with Fiat and are now looking to get a stake in the company as part of the deal for the European (and possibly Latin American) operations.

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