Problems With My Clown Feet

I don’t know if it’s a man thing or a laziness thing but the idea of shoe shopping is one that I find so repllent that I tend to leave it until the very last minute, until my shoes are practically held together by pure belief alone. 

That is now the case. I also have the proble that while I’m not walking around with basketball player size sneakers, its’ hard for me to find a pair of shoes that don’t make my size 11s (UK) look like clown’s boots. While with running shoes it’s relatively easy the two other types of shoe I need pose the problem. Shoes for the office, for example – the current trend with long pointy shoes means I run the risk of looking like I have flippers. 

In the casual department, Converse – with their skinny long look – make me look like a clown from the ankle down. In this area though I found a solution in my Vans. They’re comfy and tick all my boxes for style. I don’t mean the chequered ones here. In fact I found, online a really great looking pair bearing the name of same skateboarder I’ve never heard of. 

Problem is – nobody near me seems to have them. There was once a dedicated Vans shop in my town but now it’s gone and I’m faced with a trek to Bluewater to battle throngs of shoppers or head to Brighton.  The mail-order function for the shop nearest me that supposedly sells them is complete rubbish, an actual failure of a websitewith nothing but a page of lines. So I’m now faced with going all the way to Sussex to get some Vans or continuing to search for something I know I won’t find while my current pair dissolve around my socks.

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