Big Thanks to the Little Car

alfa mito

It’s looking to be a fantastic year if you happen to be the CEO of a certain Italian auto-company that’s about to own even more car companies. One of Fiat’s existing brands – Alfa Romeo has shown figures that go completely against the trend of current auto sales figures.

In a UK market that’s 28.5% down on 2008, March and April’s new registration statistcis from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders show that Alfa saw not only a positive swing in new car sales, but recorded industry-leading restults each month. April alone saw a massive 76.8% increase.

This would certainly explain why I’ve seen a lot more Alfa Romeo cars overtake me on my way down a certain Kent motorway and an increasing amount of MiTos about. But what are they doing that the other car companies aren’t. 

Well, the MiTo is certainly part of their success, the small and compact little runner put them into a demographic they’d thus far avoided and did for them what the 500 did for Fiat earlier in the year. When all is doom and gloom in the media they’ve been pushing chirpy and cheerful ads for bright red, fun-looking cars. 

With more exciting new cars to come, I for one hope that Alfa continue to see success especially as the Fiat / Chrylser deal will see them finally tackle the U.S market where the beefed up MiTo would take on the Mini.

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