Judas! Renault’s New Plug In Baby

At a time when the latest plug-in accessory is a car, Renault have unveiled their new prototype. The Be-Bop is based on the Kangoo and can carry four passengers while chugging along on its 60-horsepower electric motor using a lithium-ion battery. If anyone can explain that one to me I’d be grateful.

Now, there’s also the look of the thing:

renault be bop

Now this is going to be like marmite I guess but I really like it. Given that it’s gonna be pretty quiet too with no chuffing great diesel or petrol lump in it, I’m looking forward to seeing it about.

This Renault would be ideal for my Sussex thru Kent coastal summer drives, imagine the panoramic views you’d get; it’s almost all window.

The French manufacturer will offer two recharging options: using the ‘grid’ will recharge in 8-10 hours or a rapid recharge from industrial 400-volt plug-ins in 30 minutes.

Though I know the debate over the benefits vs true cost of electric cars is still raging, but it’s yet another big-motoring-name taking a step in the right direction.

Of course, while you’re driving it you won’t really see the outside. Good thing the prototype’s interior looks like this then:

renault be-bop

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