Too Much Choice For Used Cars?

There’s a problem in having too much choice. You can spend so long looking, get distracted by everything else and half-forget what you were looking for. This is easily the case with, for example, music shopping both in store and online and, it seems, used cars. 

My best friend’s head-gasket recently blew out on him (well, the head gasket on his car not on him as such) and he decided, rather than get the old heap repaired, to scrap it and get a new one instead. Well, a new second hand one at least, cars being as expensive as they are.

Now, the problem is, there’s just so many used car websites out there. Both of us being lazy, hitting the internet ahead of hand is ideal – and means you arrive at a dealers armed with as much info as poss and don’t have to get too much from the salesmen. We all know their reputation. 

There’s a wealth of  websites for used cars about online now but I’m still having a bit of trouble finding one local to me. I’m not heading off to Liverpool for a used car – so the site I’ve been recommended for Hodgsons isn’t really too helpful for me as good as it is.  It has what I need, plenty of information and images of the cars etc, just the wrong location. By a few hundred miles. 

Obvioulsy doing a G-word search for this term would be the good idea but if you fancy wading through 105 million results be my guest, or the 3 million when I narrow it down by county. So while I’m clearly going to be looking through many pages I’m also aware that placement in the top positions is more related to good seo than used cars so if someone knows of a good used car website for Kent… please let me know to save me searching time and, hopefully, my mate some cash.

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