KA in USA Thanks To… Fiat?!

According to a certain search engine, there’s a Kent in Texas aswell as ‘my’ Kent here in the UK. In my mind, and probably reality, there’s nothing similar between the two. I imagine the Texan version to be far diffetrent to the green and verdant-hilled ‘garden of England’ Kent in the UK. new ford Ka

Things are, allegedly, bigger in Texas and certainly in America in comparison to here and especially so when it comes to cars, but the small world of European cars may soon loom larger in the US. Thanks to the most talked about auto deal, there will soon be a plethora of small cars from Ford and Fiat in Kent, Texas (and the rest of the US of course) as well as England.

While there’s been no trend for Americans purchasing a car that’ s less than a metre-and-a-half long, Ford’s KA could soon be Stateside thanks to the Fiat / Chrysler deal. It shares its platform with Fiat’s 500 which is heading to America and will be built at one of Chrylser’s North American factories. A move that will make it oh-so-tempting for Ford to offer the KA to drivers in the US.

The Fiat 500‘s  platform will be built at a factory in Mexico, not all that far from Kent, Texas, according to my maps. 

With the arrival of at least 3 choices (don’t forget the MiTo) now looking more and more certain, is America going to buy the smaller cars?

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