Will New Faces Save Mazda’s Year?

The Japanese car manufacturer Mazda have joined the sadly long line of automakers that are posting losses for the last financial year. For the year ending March, the Hiroshima-based company announced a $535 million loss compared to the 65.2 billion yean profit the previous year.

With a 27% fall in sales, Mazda only shifted 1.26 million calrs yet they’re predicted another year of loss and fewer sales with questions over their future looming like so many clouds.2009 mazda mx5

But… is this the wrong attitude. It looks bleak but look at Fiat. Their CEO came out swinging punches a few months ago damning those car companies that announce expected failure for the coming year and they’re poised to become a global car giant before the year is even half way through. 

Yes they had the 500 and Alfa’s MiTo but Mazda have got a couple of new cars that also threaten to be the right car at the right time. This year will see the release of the much-anticipated new Mazda3 and there’s a new look on the face of the much loved MX-5. 

I’ve seen the new MX-5, and while I’ve never been a fan of the roadster (unlike the millions that own one) I saw the new Mazda by the Sussex beach this weekend and I think it has the potential to inject some new blood into sales of the open-top. 

From the images and stat’s I’ve seen on the new Mazda3 it too looks like a car with potential for huge popularity. Cheap to buy and run and as quirky looking as any Alfa out there on the roads too. There’s also the Mazda1 that’s rumoured to be hitting the road soon, why are they putting so much into these cars only to say – ‘yeah, but we’re gonna lose this year too’ ?’

What happened to fighting spirit in car companies? Or any business for that matter. Now is the time for Mazda to say “yes, 2008 was a rough year but we’ve got two exciting new faces on the forecourt this year that you’re going to love.” How can they expect to triumph with a negative attitude, I don’t mean to sound cliched but turn that frown upside down before even the cars lose their famous smile.


  1. I am wondering how others feel about the change in the front grill on the MX5 – ?

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