Mazda Bring Out The Incentives

The new Mazda3 – a car with plenty of potential to reverse Mazda’s ailing sales – launches May 18th over here in the UK. 

Thanks to a handy bit of email marketing from a Sussex Mazda dealer I’m informed that the new ‘3’  has a new look – check out that haping grille – and comes in a choice of seven engines (three of which are diesel), plenty of colour options and can offer me up to 62.8 mpg.Mazda3

It even has that lovely ‘i-stop’ system that met so well with buyers of the Fiat 500, so that the engine stops instead of iddling away all that fuel and ozone. Yet, convinced that they’re doomed this year, Mazda seem to think the only thing that’ll encourage buyers is the finance deals. 

If you can pony up a 50% deposit you can get a nought per cent APR deal over 1,2 oe 3 years and there’s plenty more offers available. Yet… when you consider that right now you can trundle in on your old wreck and get £2000 toward a new Mazda3, which’ll surely help toward a healthy deposity, how are Mazda expecting to make any money on this, or, indeed, ever? 

While I’m all for getting the most for my money when it comes to my cars, surely there’s plenty of other elements to sell this car – the looks, the stop-start technology, the economy factors and the 2k scrappage deal, without dropping the financial carrot to lure buyers too? 

I dunno about you, but I’m always weary of a desperate seller. Shame, because it’s a cracking little car by the look of it.

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