Forget the Takeovers For A Second…

Didn’t Fiat once occupy the motoring pages for new cars too? Of course they did, only recently their delightful little 500 was picking up all the headlines for design awards and stop-start technology and now there’s rumours floating around about Fiat that involve cars rather than purchasing countries.

Never ones to rest on their laurels, the 500 has been turned bright pink for Barbie, had it’s top taken off for convertible status and is now likely to be fattened up an older, more traditional name taken from this: 

fiat 500 giardiniera

Don’t ask me why but looking at this Fiat I think of Kent countryside in the summer and picnics. That’s despite the suitcase and German language in the ad. Perhaps it’s the tartan. 

The original hasn’t been around since 1970 but the the upcoming 500 Giardiniera is strongly tipped to be a mini-SUV. Small and quirky enough to bounce around town and nip cheekily into parking spots yet roomy enough for a little family holiday too, almost like the classic imagery in the ad above. If it does it will put Fiat into direct competition with the Mini clubman, a car which – I think – looks ridiculous in lengthened form.

We shall see. Then again, what is really the point in a mini-suv? Why not just get a family sized-car? Are we in danger in flooding the market with pointless model types? I think so…

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