From Sketch to Flesh: The Secret Mazda?

mazda1While they currently plug away at pushing the new 3 model and announcing how much of a loss they’re expecting to run at for the next year or two, Mazda are still pushing out new models and developing a contender for the smaler car market. Problem is, do the dealers know about it?

Take, for instance the supposedly-forthcoming Mazda1. It’s been testing in France for a while now  – I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled while on my frequent sojourns in Paris – and is rumoured for launch in 2011. A small, city car that could take on the KA and 500 could do Mazda the world of good. 

Yet, when I spoke to a dealer in Sussex about the Mazda 1, there was an uncertain response. Others I’ve spoken to don’t even know about it. Clearly it’s evolved beyond the funk-tastic sketch below to the metal of the motor being tested so isn’t a figment of the motor presses imagination. If it was I think it’d have a much more powerful engine. 


So, could the lack of communication between corporate and dealers – not just in Sussex – be one of Mazda’s issues that needs addressing to secure a healthy future?

I remember reading how much Ford used to talk to dealers about what they wanted in the 70’s when developing new cars and Lotus launched the Evora this year after their new CEO realised that dealers wanted a car they could actually sell rather than a giant supercar. 

Perhaps the coming 18 months will see more awareness overall outside of the motoring press, but surely if you’re in the trade you read the relevent press… it’s a strange one, no?


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