Lost In Translation: What’s the joke?

In need of amusement on one of those work days where nothing seems to get done except further requests filling the inbox, I remembered seeing an advert a few years ago that made me chuckle and thinking it was for a VW, ended up finding this: 

For those that don’t speak Dutch (myself included) the wording reads:  The company that continues, even if you are stopped. 

Or if I’ve got that last word wrong and it’s “gestapt” not gestopt” : The company that keeps going as you are stepped on.

Either way I can’t see where the humour is. It’s clearly designed to be funny but I guess it’s a purely cultural or language-based joke as it’s beyond me.

I’m trying to think of an English equivelant: a van parked up at a Sussex beach in that half-sun half-rain weather selling deck chairs for a fiver only to be outdone by some elderly couple selling them on for £6 from the back of a better, albeit cheaper van?


  1. you’re right — that’s a tough one to figure

  2. The old couple parks the van near the seller but they don’t actually _sell_ gelati. They do it to scam the gelati seller into lowering his price (from L2,50 to L0,40). Once they have their gelati they drive off.

    I don’t get the tagline, though.

    Best guess is “The company that keeps going after it crushes you.”

    • aahhh, I get it know. I was arguing with a colleague who thought they were selling his ice cream on for a profit but it makes sense now

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