Traffic Wombles Gobble My Money

Ah it’s always a joy to see my tax money being so carefully spent by the government. Imagine my delight last night then when driving home down the motorway in Kent to see a lovely new Peugeot being hoisted onto the back of a tow truck while a pair of ‘traffic wombles’ stood watching having a chuckle to themselves. traffic womble

Seriously: what is the point in these people? You know the ones I mean, they drive up and down the motorways in their Highways Agency 4x4s, people slow down thinking it’s a police car. They arrive at the scene of incidents and seem to do little more than watch as they have zero authority or juristiction to do anything that doesn’t involve traffic cones. They seem to add more of a delay to things than benifit anyone. 

Someone breaks down, it’s a modern age, they use their mobile to call the AA or whoever, wait a while, get repaired or put on the back of a tow truck. Does that really need two extra people to be paid from my taxes to stand and watch? 

What used to happen when someone bumped into another driver? They’d get out, try not to shout and scream, exchange details and drive off – probably swearing under their breath or, worst case scenario, call the emergency services. What the hell do they need someone else with flashing amber lights to turn up and ponce around the scene for? Collecting debris? Yeah it’s real tricky getting a bit headlight off the tarmac. Closing the road? That’s what the police do, as they have authority.

Can the government really justify this expense or am I wrong: do they provide an essential service?


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