Back to Work at BMW… for now

Woo hoo, finally some good news on the auto-employment front. BMW have announced that they need more workers, 250 of them infact, albeit on a temporary basis. new mini

The German car company are moving back towards seven-day weeks in production terms at their Cowley plant and announced last night that they want 25o temporary staff for three months after an upswing in demand for their Mini – produced at the factory. 

It’s a shame that this news comes 3 months after they cut 850 jobs because of falling demand for the car but this is still a good sign. They’re hedging their bets and being very clear that at the moment it’s only for three months, but the there was an uplift in orders in May sending production hours in July upwards.

Whether it’s down to the government’s scrappage scheme or numerous dealers pushing hard on Mini deals – presumably with plenty of cars on their forecourt not selling – but the time for the smaller car has arrived and Mini’s are once again selling like hot cakes.

Thing is, a lot of the people that were let go in the initial cut backs are now voicing doubts about returning. Ex-staff are stating bitter feelings mean they’d never go back. It’s hard to know what to say to this – without having known how they were treated – but on a personal level, if it was a choice between 3 months on the dole draining the benefits pot or three months at work and potential for more… I’d be arriving in my overalls first thing in the morning.

Of course, it’s also got to be sour grapes for BMW, having cut all those jobs only to need to start bringing people back. As good a sign it is it does suggest they weren’t that forward-thinking. 

Still, with surges in demand for Fiat’s 500, the new KA selling well and now an upswing in demand for the Mini, the scrappage scheme has meant more little cars are now filling roads across England and Scotland  and, in theory, keeping the roads greener as they go.

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