Tuesday Rant: Poorly Timed Marketing

You know, if I buy a product or use a service from a company and I’m genuinely happy with it, I have no objection to being kept up-to-date with the odd email. Sometimes it can serve as a good memory jogger, if I’ve been looking for a new pair of shoes and forgotten about a site I was happy with before, an email about their sale is more than welcome. 

Thanks to spam filter and opt-out clauses its easy enough now to make sure you’re not inundated with them too. My issue, though, is the timing with which these things are sent out. In relation to your initial purchase, that is. I received two today, that perfectly exemplify this.

I just booked my holiday yesterday. Very happy with the service and price I had no issue getting newsletters from the travel agent. This morning I get an email telling me: “You deserve a holiday!” I know I do, that’s why I just booked one with you less than 24 hours ago!

I recently collected my car from it’s annual service. It’s only a couple of years old and I’ve never had any issue with the garage, always great service so, again, happy to sign up to be kept up-to-date. The more deals I can get on servicing the better. So why, only a week after collecting my car from its service am I sent an email telling me all about the great deals they can give me on second hand cars. They’ve just had my car, serviced it and, in theory, ensured it’s usability for at least a year, and now they’re offering me a cheap used car.

It’s like offering someone a deal on a coach-class seat the second they’ve sat down in first. Or waiting until someone leaves the petrol station to say “need petrol? you should come visit us.”

Surely I’m not alone in this? Mine seem relatively banal and bland and are simply annoying, surely there must be some more amusing ones out there. 

I know for a fact how well you can drill-down into which of your market audience sees what message and when. To not pay attention to such things now, whe so many other companies are, seems plain lazy. It’s also more likely to see my cursor hover purposefully over the “opt-out” link. Either that or drag ’em to the Junk folder where all mail from them shall languish in future by glorious default.

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