All Aboard The Soul Train?

In the aftermath of the great GM collapse, Kia are riding high. Their crossover vehicle, the Soul, has now been proclaimed as the best-seller amongst box-type cars.

Then again, what does that mean? Essentially it’s angular shaped cars with a high level of space. This meant that they saw off competition from the Nissan Cube et al. Then again, how many people want a car that looks like a box? Well, in May 3,855 Kia Souls rolled onto American soul

The Korean car manufacturer are hoping it will see similar success in the UK now, not usually the biggest for the larger SUV-type cars. Right now we’re seeing something of a boom in smaller cars on the road. Be it down to the once-again rising fuel costs or the government-backed scrappage scheme, but the little cars are winning. 

It’s into this market that Kia are sending a train, the Kia Soul Train (see what they did there?).  I trhee month tour of the UK has kicked off with a convoy of 8 Souls driving for five days a week to various local events. It’s all fun and games as the vehicles are done up to resemble famous film cars (think Herbie and, oddly, the Grand Tourino from Starsky & Hutch) and the drivers will emerge and sing a number of “soul classics.” Again, see what they did there?

Thankfully though, this is the right side of cheesy. It’s not too pretentious and I for one hope that the Soul Train sees the latest Kia cruise Kent as I’d like to get a butchers at their latest offering. 

Though I have to wonder if any over car manufacturers will get in on the action and get similar themed-events going….


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