Scrap It! I Want A Kia…

My commute to work and back each day takes me along one of the busies motorways in the region and I get to see a lot of new cars pacing up and down the M20. One of things I’ve noticed is that there’s an increasing number of Kias in Kent, on roads and car parks and nestling in driveways.

Swap for a Porsche?

Swap for a Porsche?

This once obscure and ignored manufacturer seems to be taking off lately and it’s looking like they’re only getting stronger. According to that lexicon of high-quality journalism The Sun, the popularity of the Kia Picanto is down to the scrappage scheme with owners of high-end vehicles scrapping their motors in favour of the under-£7k runner.

Reports that Kia dealers have taken hold of Porsches, 5 Jags, 53 Mercs and 30 BMWs since last month’s kick off of the scrappage scheme are quite surprising. Although, with the rising fuel prices, not too far fetched. 74% of the orders Kia get via the scrappage scheme are for the Picanto which ends up costing a little over £4k with the scrappage scheme.

Apparently, one dealer in Surrey had a customer try and get her 1967 Singer Vogue scrapped to get her hands on a Picanto. Thankfully even car dealers have a heart and the classic found a new owner rather than the crusher.

I’m pleasently surprised by the turnaround in business that the scrappage scheme has given the auto industry. With any luck it will help it survive through the recession. I am extremely surprised though that people are getting rid of such high-end cars in favour of a Kia.

To be honest, if I had such a flash car in my possession I would consider either selling it or simply cutting down on using it untill the fuel bills stopped escalating. Though, with over 50 mpg and just £35 for road tax… it’s certainly an attractive option.

Would you consider trading in a high-end car for the Kia Picanto under the scrappage scheme?

  1. Of course this is great news but despite a perfect credit rating, my application for finance was still declined because I am self employed and I do not have 3 years full accounts.

    I really wanted a new car but quite frankly I am gutted by this.


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