Citroen Lose Design and Find Nemo

It was all looking so good for the double chrevrons lately. The new DS line is stying up nicely, the Picasso Spacebox thing looks like an awesomely angular beast and they’ve now designed a supercar too. Then I got an invitiation to head to Uckfield to see the Citroen Nemo Multispace.

Knowing that they’re doing quite well with MPVs lately I was both surprised they needed another one and curious as to the name and looks. I wasn’t expecting a clown fish but then again I was expecting something better looking than what I saw. It’s another one of their MPVs based on the van of the same name – they did it with the Berlingo – and looks like the Fiat Qubo too. It also looks a little less than citroen nemo

With so many people-carriers and mpvs out there now, I would like to think that if they really want this market they’d come up with something with a bit more flair. They’re obviously capable, have been since back in the days of the original DS, so why, in such a saturated market – give us something looks exactly what it is – a van with extra seats and windows.

Yes, there’s practicality but does it need to come at the sacrifice of style? If you need the space you’d get a van, right, if you’re after the extra seating side you’d get the Picasso Spacebox or something else that looked good too.

Would you want this parked on the drive? To be honest I’d park it round the block. Hopefully it’s a stop-gap effort and the last gasp before the newer flashy styling kicks in full swing. I just see it as bland and almost, well – I hate t0 say it, lazy.

The last few  I’ve seen and test-driven (having owned one a few years ago you get the invites) have been very nice and inspiring. I didn’t even want to take this Citroen round Sussex, no matter how nice a day it was. No offence meant guys but sharpen it up – literally.

  1. Alexander

    I’d venture to say the styling and consequent blandness is a limit imposed by the nature of car in question. It’s also made to be very cheap, while offering space and storage rooms not usual in this segment of the market. Hence flair and style give way to practicality and financial appeal. Just an opinion…

    • It’s a good opinion. Of course, mine is only an opinion too. My point is that Citroen already have several such size and space friendly vehicles which are well styled. However, I suppose one man’s cup of tea…

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