National Oil Check Week(??!!) Great For Alfa Owners?

It never fails to amaze me what they’ll declare it National Day of or National Week of. There’s been some real stupid ones and some that may have had their heart in the right place but not so well-thought out.

oil check

Next week is, for some reason, National Oil Check Week. Having spent many years with cars that leak or drink oil like it’s going out of fashion, I’ve become familiar at many car-accessorie places across Kent. Other Alfa Romeo drivers, apparantly would be wise to do the same. A survey by Comma found out that 26.2% of Alfa drivers across the country didn’t know how to check their oil.

3,800 motorists were surveyed and it was revealed that a whopping 71.4% of SEAT owners failing to check their oil regularly with Jaguar and VW drivers not very far behind. Seriously? If you’ve spent that much money on a car you’d think you’d be careful with such things, given their vitality.

Is it a case that the level of technology in cars now means people don’t think they have to keep an eye on what is the life-blood of their engine?

Thankfully, I feel a little bit of pride in knowing that Alfa Romeo scored the highest in monthly checks, for that stat of those not checking means that 74% do check their oil at the montly intervals.

These stats to make it clear that awareness of the importance of oil checks needs to be raised. There’s even going to be a roadshow visting Edinburgh, Bristol and Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. Alfa drivers may not need the free oil check and top up but, going by the stats, I’d advise those SEAT drivers to get down there. That’s if your engine hasn’t seized through your neglect.

My Dad used to tell me “check your dipstick, don’ be one.” Do you regularly check your oil levels??

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