It’s All Down To Where You Go…

If your education came from a private school, you’re likely to earn more than those who attended state schools. While it’s not too shocking, it’s perhaps frustrating to see it in black and white, right?

People are reported to earn up to 30% more if they’ve been to a private school. Kent University and the london School of Economics have today confirmed this but believe that higher grades achieeved at private school are still crucial.

The study revealed that of the 30% pay gap, 20% was down to better exam grades and 10% down to family background. Researchers analysed data from 10,000 people that went to schools in the 1960s, ’70s and 80s.

According to the report, private schools “provide benefits for some individuals above and beyond those that accrue through qualifications and access to good universities.”

Now, I’m curious about this. Mainly because the survey took into account the salaries of those that attended school at least 20 years ago. This may mean that they’ve merely measured the last of the “old guard” and the results may not apply to those in school now or those of us that graduated univesities post 2000.

Does this mean that more people will consider sending their child to a private school? It’s the natural thing to want the best for one’s child and if the research points to private schools offering advantages, does that mean more will be looking to get their child in?

I, for one, thought such substantial levels of, well, snobbery, were a thing of the past. Perhaps I’m wrong and these figures do represent the last of the class-difference. Or is it still the case?

If you fancy it – read the whole story over at the BBC.

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