A Horse Is To Ride Not Eat

Having travelled around the continent and spent a lot of time in Paris, I’m unfortunately aware of just how common horse meat is. Even donkey. However, now a new rule – aimed at continental Europe – will mean that even British owners will have to pledge not to eat their horses. horse burger

At the start of July, The Horse Identification Regulations will come into force to stop pets becomming people food. Over in continental Europe over 2 million horses are reportedly ending up on plates. If you don’t sign the regualtions you could face prison or an unlimited fine.

Of course, horse burgers aren’t exactly main meals here in the UK and it’s still a shocking thing. To me, the most shocking thing about this is the fuss that stable owners are kicking up. One of them has said “We don’t see our horses as cattle. The thought of them being eaten is utterly repulsive. Brussels is poking its nose in where it should not be.”

Of course we don’t see them of cattle. Yes it’s repulsive. So, if you’re not going to do it, why do have a problem signing a form saying so?

Nobody here goes through their local equestrian stables eyeing up horses while salivating and holding a knife and fork. The owners are always doting and caring so it really shouldn’t be such a hassle to you to agree not to send Mr Ed round to the back of Burger King?

The rule will also, oddly, apply to Zebras and other “exotic equines.” Once again, not seeing people wandering around the zoo with their cutlery at the ready.

Plus, given the ruccus over supermarkets not stocking ethical chicken, I really can’t see them getting away with selling horse here. Regardless as to whether the owners have signed anything.

  1. cat

    What makes eating a horse repulsive, but eating cows perfectly ok? If you like the taste, and eat other animals, the only reason not to eat horses is because they’re worth more to you alive. And, unfortunately for them, they’re not all champion racehorses.
    Of course we are prone to becoming emotionally attached to certain animals – I’d never eat a pet rabbit – but that doesn’t mean that I find the idea of eating rabbit repulsive. To be honest – I can’t see me having the heart to eat a pet cow or sheep either.
    I’m not supporting cruelty to horses – butcher them humanely – if you don’t think that’s possible, then that view should probably apply to cows as well. I fully understand why someone would oppose eating any animals, but I don’t understand this arbitrary distinction between different types of animals unless it’s backed up by real differences such as them being endangered, or super-intelligent – (which would probably put pigs much further down the list of animals we eat).
    Being Irish, I am used to the typically limited range of cow/sheep/pig/chicken that pretty much makes up our diet – but when offered (usually when abroad) such things as horse, venison and rabbit, i can think of no reason why I’d think “horse meat – how repulsive – i’ll just stick to my completely non-repulsive lump of pig flesh”

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