This Time Next Year Rodney…

Everyone is turning to the internet to make their money, give it a few years and there won’t be many high streets being populated.

For many years it has been coming, building and strengthening its numbers, whilst very few took notice, all it took was a simple glitch in the economy to tumble the first domino, beginning the cascade of large, established high street shops into an almost un-recoverable mess.

A high street commercial building costs perhaps £15,000 per annum for an average space and average town, in an average location, with commercial council tax and utilities of around an equal price, so that’s £30k in outlay you have to consider just to have a place on the high street for footfall of that town’s population (assuming they still bother to venture into town).

Now compare that to your average website shop, your web address, probably not much more than £10 a year or so, and your monthly is £17.99 for hosting (based on a Tiger Commerce hosted solution), that’s £226 a year.

£30,000 – £226 = £29774.

So you’re already in excess of twenty nine grand better off by just being an online merchant, give yourself a pat on the back.

How about the traffic? Let’s guess that the town has a population of 55,000, they’re not all going to be in town at the same time, don’t worry (it could get a little cramped, health and safety issues, etc) You’re footfall is going to be a small percentage of that.

Now then, the online traffic numbers? Remember that the internet is pretty much worldwide at 1,596,270,108 internet users, the potential visitors to your website are substantial with the right marketing. So again a small percentage of that excessively large number might come to your website if it meets the cut, but even a small percentage would be a far greater number than the footfall you would acquire from a high street shop.

You can manage your appearance online much easier than in a face to face retail shop on a high street, managing your image, and focusing on customers to give them a better experience. Even clothes shops are becoming popular online, people aren’t afraid anymore of not being able to try on the clothes before they buy them.

With things like newsletters, and send to friend promotions which you just don’t get in stores, your customers have much more choice over following your brand and trusting it, but you also have the choice of targeting them more directly than hoping they catch a glimpse of your discount poster in the window.

When you think about all of this, is it really any wonder why town centres are quickly becoming such vacant ghost towns?

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