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It’s small, powerful, stylish and… heading to America?

new alfa romeo



This is the new Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA. The powered-up version of Alfa’s new and already beloved MiTo and has been unveiled to the world at the Geneva motor show. The big news is that Fiat are looking to make use of their new connections in North America and roll out the Alfa Romeo brand.

But is there a ready market? The GTA, for examply, packs a 240bhp punch from its 1.8litre engine but will the normal 1.4litre MiTo find a warm-welcome State side? Of course it won’t just be the MiTo that Fiat roll out over in the U.S but it’s a gorgeous looking car isn’t it? Is one as powerful and stylish the ideal first attempt to break America for smaller cars?

Ok, I’ve seen loads of these lately and I still can’t work out what message Alfa Romeo are trying to give out.

Are they trying to say that the new Mito is so good that it’ll put you off love and marriage??! That it’s so good you won’t want to have kids?? Doesn’t this go against all the usual carsales pitches that cars are great things for inspiring love and oh-so-suitable for families? 

Don’t get me wrong, I know how kids can ruin the interior of the car and love Alfa’s to bits but this new advertising bent is baffling me. Anyone get what they’re trying to do here?