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I’m constantly toying with the idea of moving to France again so I’m always following the news and keeping an eye on the possibilities opening up for moving overseas.

So today I found a news story about how, despite the global recession, Australia is still looking to grow and trying to attract overseas candidates to fill key positions. These are areas where skill sets are lacking locally and are outside of the key metropolitan areas like Melbourne and Perth etc. Though not exactly in Belongtamick.

The report stated that despite higer levels of unemployment in Australia, there is still a key skill shortage in many areas. Accordingly, they’re hoping that more people will consider moving to Australia to fill said vacancies.

If this is the case, and Australia are sincere about wanting more people to head Down Under, then perhaps they should consider their immigration requirements. As it stands, it’s one of the toughest countries to get into! You have to provide a wealth of information, have a fair bit of wealth yourself, demonstrate your clean records and levels of character and pass various stringent requirements. I’d quite easily pass said requirements but the sheer amount of red tape, for an ex-prison colony, is enough to put me off even thinking about it.

I genuinely wonder how many people with the skills they’re looking for have been deterred from contemplating the move simply because of the hassle involved in getting approved to move.

International removals are never easy, but the level of requirement makes Australia look like the trickiest there is, even excluding distance. While it’s surely a wonderful lifestyle available there, perhaps they should ease up on the restrictions before moaning they don’t have enough skilled workers.


How many jobs carry a required task list of “swim, explore and relax on Hamilton Island in the Great Barrier Reef” and offer a salary of £73,400 for a six-month contract?

Is this your office?

Is this your office?

The answer, surprisingly is now none but only last week it was one. adn that job has now been filled. As part of a £800,000 tourism campaign to publicise the charms of north-eastern Queensland (really? I thought everyone was aware of how gorgeous it was, surely “look at Google images” would be sufficient) the job was advertised and attracted over 35,000 applicants.

So how exaclty is this going to be work for the lucky winner – British charity worker Ben Southall. Well, from July 1st he begins what is easily the best Social Marketing job in existence – as if the Great Barrier Reef needs optimising for that. All that swimming, exploring, living in a luxury villa looking over the Coral Sea and enjoying those white sandy beaches will be relayed to the world in a blog.

Scuba diving, sun bathing, exploring and living the life of luxury. In a blog. For six months. £73,400.

As much as I wish congratulations and good luck, I think I (and everyone else for that matter) would be lying if they said they weren’t extremely jealous.

Given the situation in England right now, clearing off to foreign shores is an increasingly popular idea and more and more people are looking at the prospect of international removals with growing interest. Why sit around here and watch an un-elected Prime Minister trade our future earnings against a debt he could’ve helped avoid while sitting as chancellor when you can look back on it all from a sunny beach somewhere after moving to Australia to enjoy the sun, surf and Kylie? move to south africa

Well, I’ve been looking into it too and while  Australia has its hurdles to jump to get in, I found a country with an even more demanding criteria for visa applications. Now, given the state of affairs there I’m even more surprised but it seems the trickiest place to move to is South Africa. 

Now, granted I’m not likely to be the typical applicant, but those who are considering moving to South Africa will find themselves assesed on individual merit and have to meet all the usual criteria – of good character and no criminal etc and “not likely to harm the welfare of the country” – but there’s some other more challenging issues. For example, because there’s such a wealth of unemployed unskilled and semi-skilled workers, you can’t be heading there to take a job they could otherwise do (fair enough all other I think). 

The strange one is that if you are planning on moving there, you will be expetected to be committed to invest your assests, skills and experience for the benieft of yourself and South Africa. Now while I’m not suggested anyone is going over there to rape the country of its resources, this last one seems a bit odd. 

Still, I suppose if you are contemplating a move to South Africa you either already know this or are able to meet those criteria. It’s not somewhere I’d fancy moving to though given the latest news. Just makes Australia look like one of the easiest international moves out there despite the fact that it’s on the other side of the world.

My interest in moving abroad is well documented on these pages so that my research leads me there should be little surprise. Today, though, I found out something that did surprise. cairns-queensland

Britons have been emigrating to Australia in record numbers. In 2007, about 40,000 Brits made the move but 2008 saw a massive 31% leap in the number of Britons moving to Australia. Queensland proved to be the most popular destination for us Brits looking to set up a new home Down Under for the second year running.

Curious as to why so many of us are choosing to move to Queensland I did a bit of online rummaging (hence the image) and with views like that, the Great Barrier Reef and the fact that it seems to be summer all year round it’s little surprise why the Gold Coast seems to be getting a lot of business for international removals companies lately.

Though the question I’d like a definitive answer on is why so many of us are leaving all of a sudden: is it the economy? Considering that only went sour in the last half of 2008 does that mean ’09 will see even more of moving to Australia?