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So the big news in the social media world is how Ford are embracing all us bloggers and lovers of the communities but offering 100 people a free Fiesta before they launch it in the States. Great huh? 

Well, there’s a couple of catches. The first is that you’ve got to be deemed socially cool enough – they’re looking for people who have what they call a “strong presence on the web.” Then you get the keys to an “international model” Fiesta, for six months. Then you get to generate an online buzz over the new Ford

Except… well if you saw my lost post, the “international” Fiesta isn’t the one that’s launching Stateside in 2010. 

So… unless I’ve read this wrong the winners are getting the funky little super-mini we all love here in Europe for six months in order to promote the chuffing great sedan?  Making the ‘Ford Movement’ a great big exercise in futility. 

America needs a small car but the Full-Fat Fiesta isn’t likely to be it. Or am I missing something here in this campaign? Anyone???


Ok, let’s play a game of spot the difference.

First: the current new Fiesta that we get to enjoy in Europe, it’s picked up numerous awards including best Super-Mini and European car of the year. Below, the ‘Fiesta’ that Ford will be launching in the U.S in 2010.


Seems to have grown a bit doesn’t it? Well this is the new Ford ‘Fiesta’ that the Americans will get – Ford have stated it won’t be here in Europe – that kind of quashes hints that the U.S is ready for the smaller car.

Or is this small by American standards? I just want to know why they’ve kept the Fiesta name?

I woke up this morning thinking it was Saturday all ready and prepared myself for a lie-in. The realisation that we’re still in the working week is never a good start to the day.

Last night I managed to finally see the Top Gear road test that the whole office has been talking about at one point or another since it was aired: the ‘sensible’ road test for the new Ford Fiesta. I already liked the new Fiesta, I think they’ve done a wonderful job with the styling so I was curious to see what was so special about the road test which seemed to be plodding along at rather a pedestrian rate until the “what if I go to a shopping centre and get chased by baddies in a Corvette” section flashed on screen.

Very rarely have I appreciated that motoring show much lately, then I saw the new Ford Fiesta thrown around the inside of a shopping centre – I did remember thinking I felt sorry for whoever had the job of cleaning up after – trying to out manoeuvre the Corvette. They did a better car chase through a shopping centre and car park scene than the famous one in Blues Brothers.

Not only was there the Fiesta-goes-window-shopping scene but then the final flash card: “What if I’m asked to take part in a beach assault with the Royal Marines?” Suuuuuuuuurely I cannot have been the only person who watched that to go “no way!” But sure enough, there’s the new Fiesta in the middle of a landing craft and promptly filling with marines and water as it storms the beach to culminate in what has to be the most dramatic, panoramic and show-stopping final scene to a road test, anywhere. Ever.

No wonder people were talking about it. I wonder if Ford will change their advertising for it from “New Fiesta: This is now” to “New Fiesta: storm the beaches?” I doubt it, but I don’t think Ford’s agency could have come up with a better advert in their wildest dreams.