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My interest in moving abroad is well documented on these pages so that my research leads me there should be little surprise. Today, though, I found out something that did surprise. cairns-queensland

Britons have been emigrating to Australia in record numbers. In 2007, about 40,000 Brits made the move but 2008 saw a massive 31% leap in the number of Britons moving to Australia. Queensland proved to be the most popular destination for us Brits looking to set up a new home Down Under for the second year running.

Curious as to why so many of us are choosing to move to Queensland I did a bit of online rummaging (hence the image) and with views like that, the Great Barrier Reef and the fact that it seems to be summer all year round it’s little surprise why the Gold Coast seems to be getting a lot of business for international removals companies lately.

Though the question I’d like a definitive answer on is why so many of us are leaving all of a sudden: is it the economy? Considering that only went sour in the last half of 2008 does that mean ’09 will see even more of moving to Australia?


Moving to New Zealand seems a popular choice right now. Not too long ago I wrote about a page I’d found on an international removals company website  that gave a lot of information on what’s required.

Well, I also continued my research and found a lot of surprising things. The first was that there has been a recent surge in people leaving good ol’ Blighty and moving to New Zealand. Who can really blame them? With a PM seemingly hell-bent on spending our future income for us along with our current tax, the lure of getting off this rock is appealing to me too.

The price of international removals is something that’s been the main source of my research and that’s the second thing I found and thought I’d share. Given that my last post on the matter attracted a lot of interest (I thank you) it seems to be something others are researching too. The same company – Doree Bonner – with all the information is also offering a 10% discount throughout February to those that quote the reference NZ209  when arranging their move to New Zealand with them. Though it’s only if you enquire in Feb rather than move as well.

While of course it’s always good to save on anything and share the knowledge of discounts – especially when we’re talking a couple of hundred quid – it does make me wonder just how many people are getting out of England if they can offer such a discount?

Is it a case of deserting a sinking ship en mass?? If you’re moving contemplating a move to New Zealand or abroad, what makes the deciding factor?

I’ve been doing a lot of hunting around online for what you need to know when moving abroad. I found this site from an international removals company on moving to New Zealand.

It’s got a lot of useful information and hints on things you need to consider before moving to New Zealand. Did you know you have to undergo a health exam and prove that you’re of good, acceptable character when applying for a visa? Or how many countries have contributed to the New Zealand culture?

I think it’s good to see a company that’s not simply offering quotes but advice too – even if it means you’re not likely to move when you find out how much is involved. I had a look around their other Moving To.. pages and they offer a fair bit of information for each.

I haven’t seen too many sites that can provide both quotes on moving to New Zealand and useful information on things like the languages spoken in New Zealand on the same page. What do you think? Is there enough info there? What information would you like to see on a page when making such an important decision?