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For years now Alfa Romeo’s non-sports cars (think Spyder and GTV) have been identified be their numerical nomenclature. Perhaps it was a way of banishing names with associations like the Alfa Sud.

Well, it looks like that’s now a thing of the past thanks to a leaked document from Chyrsler (following their merger with Fiat) which sees the new Mito being joined by models named the Milano and Giulia. 

This is the document which formed part of Chrysler’s viability plan submitted the US Treasury: 

alfa namesTo be honest I’m not too sure about the names. While when things are leaked early they often get changed, naming cars takes forever and I doubt Alfa will come up look at coming up with replacement. The Mito is fine and cute little motor – even if its ads to wind me up – but I’d love to know what other people are thinking about the proposed new names?


Ok, so this is frustrating me now. Check this out:

This is the advert for the Mito that Alfa Romeo have showing in Italy. Now THIS one makes sense: it’s sporty, it’s poetic, it’s red and it has styling cues from the 8C Competizione. It’s all art, imagery and everything we associate with Alfa Romeo. 

So why is it we don’t get this ad here in the UK and get the one with no clear message? Do the Italians think we wouldn’t get the whole “it’s aggessively fast then gracefully agile” message? Anyone???

Ok, I’ve seen loads of these lately and I still can’t work out what message Alfa Romeo are trying to give out.

Are they trying to say that the new Mito is so good that it’ll put you off love and marriage??! That it’s so good you won’t want to have kids?? Doesn’t this go against all the usual carsales pitches that cars are great things for inspiring love and oh-so-suitable for families? 

Don’t get me wrong, I know how kids can ruin the interior of the car and love Alfa’s to bits but this new advertising bent is baffling me. Anyone get what they’re trying to do here?