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Well, not quite but it’s really not very far off. This year will see what could most generously be called the curve-challenged, new Nissan Cube. At least they gave it an appropriate name. 

nissan cube

Now, don’t get me wrong: the new Nissan certainly has some funky little elements to it – the rear tailgate opening, the oddly nautical like front doors, that weird wrap-around window at the back and when it’s in white it certainly looks like something that’d compliment your iPod… but, really, how many people are going to notice that given that the thing looks like something that was designed purely with a set square?

Cube is really the word. Strangely enough, Nissan are aiming this one at the college-age motorist and, Stateside, have headed off to colleges to find some students to come up with some perfectly youth-aimed ad campaigns for it. So… Nissan have done away with their own ad agency as well as their designers that have been introduced to the concept of shapes?  

What do you think, could you get over the lack of shape to drive a new Cube?


Not so long ago I started finding some car ads that never aired here (in the UK) and would only hit screens elsewhere (from South Africa to France) but for unknown reasons were deemed unsuitable for presumably innocent British eyes. 

Now, these two think it’s fairly obvious why they didn’t air in the UK, or at least what excuse would be given, but wanted to put em up so they could be more fully enjoyed. 

The first, is for a Toyota – though really it’s just a great ad for air-con:

And this one, again… you can kinda see why it never hit screens here.

Now, I know that the culture is supposedly more laid back in Australia but I still think this ad would’ve done well over here too. Put it on after the water-shed and I know that people are going to be thinking they want a new Nissan and (if they’ve seen both ads) they’re gonna want it with air-conditioning too. 

Are we really that politcally correct over here in terms of advertising standards that we couldn’t permit a bouncing pair on our screens for 30 seconds? I’m sure the intro for Baywatch was longer than that and featured a lot more bouncing.

I spend a lot of time following the ups and downs of the auto industry as it bounces around in time with every stupid financial decision the government makes here and look at today’s news shows the picture isn’t prettier in the US either.

While the Big 3 had some well-documented issues late last year (and surely still are) it looks like the Japanese manufacturers are in dire States too. To be honest, with their range of smaller vehicles proving more gas efficient I would have expected their to be no trouble selling new Mazdas but the Japanese manufacturer are cutting 110 jobs from the North American workforce.

Mazda said: “We’re doing what we need to do to remain competitve in the current environment.”

But is that the case for Nissan too? The future isn’t looking to good for new Nissans either as the company announced plans to cut it’s advanced-planning team in California. Surely reducing the amount given over to planning new vehicles is only going to hinder their competitiveness?

Don’t you need to always planning your next move if you’re going to succeed in such a volitile market. Will cutting your resources in that area really help?

I’m starting to get the worrying feeling that my initial optimism in the recovery of the market was wrong and that we may yet to have seen the worst. Is their worse to come for the auto industry?

There’s a lot of things that other drivers do that get on my nerves. Don’t get me wrong – I don’t suffer from road rage and I’m not about to blast the horn or display my middle finger but…

This morning, for example, I joined the motorway at a good speed and was immediately overtaken by someone in a new Nissan Qashqai – I don’t know how to pronounce it either. Now given that I was on the inside lane and behind a lorry it’s understandable that said Nissan would feel the need to overtake. Except they didn’t, they just sat there at 60mph in the middle lane! Now I’m not advocating speeding but I’d just joined the motorway and needed to get to work so in order to progress at a ‘confident’ speed this meant I know had to navigate past the lorry on the inside and the Nissan in the middle lane.

If you insist on overtaking me (on principle or out of necessity) at least have the decency not to block me in and hold me up even further by slowing up the middle lane. How little consideration does it take to realise that if I’m joining the motorway I’m going to be speeding up and if you’re only interested in doing 60 then there’s NO point in overtaking at all let along clogging up another lane.

While this is just one of the things that wind me up on the roads it’s the most fresh in my mind, hence the rant. I can’t be alone in finding this practice annoying can I? Anyone share this? What really winds you up on the road? Lack of indicating? Sudden breaking? Please tell me, I’d feel better to know I’m not alone.