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There’s a problem in having too much choice. You can spend so long looking, get distracted by everything else and half-forget what you were looking for. This is easily the case with, for example, music shopping both in store and online and, it seems, used cars. 

My best friend’s head-gasket recently blew out on him (well, the head gasket on his car not on him as such) and he decided, rather than get the old heap repaired, to scrap it and get a new one instead. Well, a new second hand one at least, cars being as expensive as they are.

Now, the problem is, there’s just so many used car websites out there. Both of us being lazy, hitting the internet ahead of hand is ideal – and means you arrive at a dealers armed with as much info as poss and don’t have to get too much from the salesmen. We all know their reputation. 

There’s a wealth of  websites for used cars about online now but I’m still having a bit of trouble finding one local to me. I’m not heading off to Liverpool for a used car – so the site I’ve been recommended for Hodgsons isn’t really too helpful for me as good as it is.  It has what I need, plenty of information and images of the cars etc, just the wrong location. By a few hundred miles. 

Obvioulsy doing a G-word search for this term would be the good idea but if you fancy wading through 105 million results be my guest, or the 3 million when I narrow it down by county. So while I’m clearly going to be looking through many pages I’m also aware that placement in the top positions is more related to good seo than used cars so if someone knows of a good used car website for Kent… please let me know to save me searching time and, hopefully, my mate some cash.


How do you combat the lack of power in your new or used Smart car? Bolt a Hayabusa motorcycle engine into it and give it over 200hp! Check it out:

Now that is a Smart car that you wouldn’t have a problem with on the motorway. Just look at it at 00:30, it’s like a deranged go-cart!

All you need is a cheap used Smart car and a high powered motorcyle engine. That and a little engineering / mechanical knowledge too I guess. Is this not the strangest car to put so much power in though?? Would more power make a Smart car a more attractive purchase?

Monday mornings are notoriously unhappy, bluesy days. I’m surprised Son House never penned a song to it. It’s that first day after the weekend and with the weather continually chilly, to say the least, staying in bed has never been so tempting.

Not, for me though. Today is a good one. Thanks to handy bit of Alfa Romeo servicing my car feels like new – I didn’t buy a new one (you can leave the edge of your seat now) though I did pass a salivating glance over those lovely grills. Having picked it up from its service I found myself looking for any excuse to drive it. Thankfully petrol seems to be reaching ever-more sensible prices by the day and a well serviced car is more economical on the motion lotion. The nice spell of dry weather meant she got a nice treatment of car polish yesterday too – while I layered up so as not to freeze – and is now looking shiny and new as well as driving that way.

However, while getting the polish and stuff from the shed I found I either need to re-felt the roof or get a new one. It seems to have been letting in water. So, up to the attic where I’m sure I’ve got a load of old newspapers (well, I’d found a load of them) to try and insulate some things. Seems some of the papers were older than I thought as I found one from 1989!

I’m not going to do a whole time capsule thing here, I find it increasingly annoying when my local paper seems to think I want reminders of the difference between today and a random year that always seems to be 1995. I will however share that which interested me, at the back in the classified and motoring section:

Fancy a used Audi?

Used Audi

Used Audi

Or perhaps Mazda have the power to satisfy?



I’m not sure why I find these so fascinating. There’s more but I won’t show them all. Perhaps it’s harkening back to my youth? I remember anxiously watching the roads for new G and H plates when they came out on the way to school when my love for cars was starting to bloom. Perhaps it’s the differnces in both design of cars and advertising.

There’s also the pricing and that it’s still possible to pick up a new car for under £10k and easily grab a decent used Audi for close to the same prices as in the ad. In fact, a quick search for a used Audi for the same price as the 1985 Audi Quattro in the ad found loads under it.  So much for inflation, used cars at 1985 prices!

How is this possible?

The joker in me was tempted to phone up one of the classifieds ads and ask if they still had the “1986 Escort.”

You know, I actually owned a Mazda 323 on an F-plate for a while, though it wasn’t new. I didn’t own it for long though, my needs soon grew beyond three doors and I needed a car with a larger engine for the longer commutes.

“The Power To Satisfy. ” When did Mazda take on the Zoom-Zoom thing? Does it have any connection to the “Va-Va-Voom” slogan purred from the French lady’s lips for Renault? Maybe some psychological link with the sound? It makes me smile to think of the changing slogans brands used to use.. Ford’s “Driven By You” which came complete with soft-rock song from frizzy-haired Brian May, Toyota’s “The Car In Front…”