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As the snow continues to tumble out of the sky and more people drive gingerly, my front-wheel drive car has encountered little problems. I’m not showing off, I have had a few instances of lost traction but it’s light enough to skirt over the snow with no real grief. I have watched a lot of heaver cars struggle, especially those with rear-wheel-drive. So the solution, surely is a 4WD.

But what if you don’t want a Chelsea Tractor? Surely there must be something out there that has that capability that would look more at home in the fast lane than on a farmer’s field? There is, this:

I’ve seen a few examples of the new Alfa Romeo Brera in Kent and I would never have guessed it was 4WD. Then again, why should I? There’s no rule that every car with such capability has to look like an old Land Rover Defender and absolutely NO reason why Alfa Romeo couldn’t combine it with their undeniable gift for styling.

Even that pube-headed, loud-mouthed Jeremy Clarkson rated it amongst the top 25 cars he’d ever driven. He said that “as you drive along you can feel the Alfa-ness of this car, the little tingles and the droplets of feedback that you don’t really get from anything else in this class” and that “what makes the pleasure so doubly satisfying is that you have a four-wheel-drive car, yet no one can tell.”

It’s a gorgeous car and one that I’m sure would leave many people stuck with wheels spinning in the snow understandably jealous as it moved through with no problem at all while looking like a slab of pure Italian style.

alfa romeo brera kent


e-Trade Pro have launched a video to promote their eCommerce software. Pretty good huh?

What do you think? Promoting eCommerce Software by a video that showcases a dedicated team and the software, good idea?

Netdirector e-Trade Pro also have their own eCommerce blog to further inform about their services and updates. I say it’s good to see a company in this sector embracing the tools available in social media to open themselves up to the market, what do you think? Does such an approach make you more likely to use a company if you can communicate with them in such a way?

While stumbling around the Internet looking at the news in the automotive world I came across this video.  “Shanghai Lady” as she’s become known returns to her lovely new Chevrolet Captiva to find it’s become the victim of the tow truck.

She deals with it thusly:

Now that’s testament to the power of a new Chevrolet. Chevvy 1 : Shanghai Council 0

Not sure if this was used as an argument for the future of GM during their recent bail-out talks over in the U.S though.