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Those gamers like myself that use more than one console should be thrilled to hear that I found out that Lime, once exlusively Xbox360 accessories, is now launching into PC, PSP and PS3 accessories too.

As those who’ve read other thrilling installments of this blog will know, I’m not one to buy from the first site I find. I need a good site with a good range of knowledge and for the site itself to be good and offer a good bargain. That’s why I like Lime. So I thought I’d share it here and ask the burning question: where do yo go for your gaming accessories? Is this the best site there is?

Please let me know as I think this could be the best site for accessories for XBox 360, PC, PSP and PS3 accessories in one place!


You may remember that I recently bought myself an early Christmas present in the form of some Xbox headphones. I have no quibbles with them and have been enjoying playing without complaints about volume since and am constantly enveloped in game noise.

As anyone who’s played online will tell you, one of the ‘pleasures’ that accompanies killing strangers is the noise of 12 year old American kids complaining at you in rather undignified ways.

I don’t think I could put it all as nicely as this article entitled “Top Ten Things We’ve Learned From Our Xbox Live Headset” manages to with a good quota of hilarity.

I especially like number 9 which points out your Daddy “…was born many years after you. Anyone you encounter on Xbox Live may well be in possession of a time machine, and his shrill, preadolescent insults should be received with appropriate respect. Filial piety demands that you let him take your head off with a needlegun.”

I can’t count the number of times I’ve been about to respond factually when asked “who’s your daddy?!” or even told that my father is, in fact, not my daddy, and my actual daddy is at least a decade and a half younger than me (judging by the pitch of his voice).

All good fun and part of attraction of online gaming. Without it would platforms have evolved so far?

Having been told this morning that the mother-in-law seems to think that there’s constantly a war taking place (courtesy of World at War, strangely enough) when she calls the house – there’s always a delay between hitting mute or pause when the phone’s picked up – I’ve had to order a pair of wireless headphones myself rather than wait until Christmas.

Doing my homework again, via the xbox forums I’ve bitten the bullet and gone for a pair of Turtle Beach Earforce X3s. LimeXB is the only site I could then them on for the UK and the forum buzz is all positive. With any luck I’ll be submerged in a private world war any day now with one less thing to be nagged over.